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Saturday, February 4, 2012

While YouTube Rules The Webiverse, MyPod Prospers As Video's 'Gated Community' - Forbes

MyPod Studios

There is no question that YouTube rules online video. Who wouldn’t want 3 billion video views? Every day. But that didn’t keep Jay Miletsky, founder and CEO of MyPod Studios from offering an alternative to the viewing habits of billions.

In fact, it seems Miletsky created the opposite of what YouTube set out to be. Whereas YouTube is a wide open platform, MyPod hand-picks its contributors. Whereas YouTube uploads 8 years of video content per day, MyPod has about 5,000 videos in total. Whereas YouTube educates its massive list of creators in best practices and then lets them do their best, MyPod plays an active role in advertising its much smaller stable of monetized talent. MyPod’s content variety is wide — from a celebrity interview show to a golf-inspired series to a soap opera — but the entry into creating videos for MyPod is narrow.

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