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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec. 30th good stuff

Ogilvy/Mattel's beautiful Scrabble viral videos:




Tuesday, December 29, 2009

clever innovative campaigns

Nikon Helicopter Boys promotion:

"The Nikon Coolpix camera has a projector that allows you to instantly project images that you have taken on your phone onto a nearby wall or screen or whatever. Nikon recruited popular Japanese pop duo, the Helicopter Boyz to promote the projection technology.":

UK youth twitter messages transmitted in Parliament via Robot:

Dec. 29th - key 2009 webisode/digital TV projects

Simon Fuller & 19 Entertainment to launch global reality show with Hulu, Clear Channel & MySpace:

Easy to Assemble = over 1.9 milllion views Oct. 2009:

NewTeeVee's top 10 webisodes of 2009:

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dec 26th gorgeous creepy find of the day

Rodrigo Blaas' Alma:

Dec 26th cont.

Mirrorshade's retro game video for Holy Fuck:

Frank Chimero's video on the American penal system 'there are now more prisoners than farmers in the US'

Dec 26th cont.

gorgeous b/w video for Danish post-punk duo Raveonettes:

Happy Entrails video (cute carnage):

gorgeous animation:

Rorshach video for Gnarls Barkley's Crazy:

Dalmiro Buigue's videos - cool paper play -

Dec 26

Pocko/Magma animated sequence for their touring exhibition of customized Russian Matryoshka dalls entitled, Pockoshko:

We are Captive's campaign for Wii:

Ninjatune Promo video:

Very cool montage for sci-fi thriller Bits & Pieces:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec 15

Responsive environment installations:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 14 cont.

The Design Gene - blog on excellent websites:

Coraline Campaign:

The Hyper Factory's Listen to Me United Nations integrated campaign:

Very Smart Absolut campaign:

Greenpeace Send an origami Whale to the Japanese government campaign:

Dec. 14

Film co. worth looking at:

Interactive website for Kenneth Branagh's The Magic Flute:

Tobi's augmented reality fashion site:

Geo-tagging software:

Gowalla - geolocative social networking:

And of course, Foursquare:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec 10-13

Mashable's 8 companies that are reinventing TV online:

Dec 5-10

Paper - The Mobile City: How can architects relate to digital media? TMC keynote at the 'Day of the Young Architect'

The Projection Project:

David Lynch's Foundation Television launches short film, Pathlights:

Henry Jenkins on 'Applying Methods of Participatory Culture to Traditional Civic Activism

Lego Matrix Trinity Side by Side Comparison

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dec 5-10

Ken Rinaldo 's Augmented Fish installation

France Cadet's dogLab 0.2:

Joe Kahne on civic engagement on & offline:

Henry Jenkins on applying methods of participatory culture to traditional civic engagement:

Nov. 30- Dec 4

Vancouver surveillance project (Olympic wind-up):

CNN's 10 Trends for 2010:

Data viz of web usage:

Story Corps - story archive project that's been around awhile:

How to make $ with social media:

Inside Social Games: Tracking Innovation:

David Lynch's Foundation Television:

Henry Jenkins on participatory culture & civic engagement:

Nov 29-Dec 1 sundry sites

visualizing Amsterdam's future:

Raise the Cloud - London Olympics project:

Irina Troitskaya - beautiful art:

Eyewriter project for people with ALS:

Making Maps with Sound:

Making Psychogeography Maps:

Augmented reality game you play with your brain - yet to try it:

Johnny Chung Lee - cool things with Wii remote:

Nov 24-27 sundry sites

Gorgeous hand cut street maps of world cities:

The Cloud - massive data viz with people generated energy (is this possible yet?):

Stella Artois' in situ painting installation in NY:

stunning title sequence for Cirque de Freak:

Lego Matrix!

Madmen avatar generator:

Nov 24-27 kid's science sites

kid's environmental site:

cool science for kids:

National Gallery of Art for kids (US):

MOMA interactive art safari:

Keith Haring for kids:

Nov 19-21 - good stuff

Inside Social Games- Tracking Innovation:

5D conference - Peter Frankfurt on Narrating Space:

X - graphic novel online:

Ulyana Kalashnikova's beautiful website:

I'm a Cyborg but that's OK - best online pop-up book ever!

Origami twitter viz:

Play with the constellations:

Nov 17-19 - good stuff (catching up)

Google launches interactive video ads on iphone:

History of the Internet in a Nutshell:

Kelly Chapman's Transmedia keynote at SPAA Fringe 2009:

Punk Heart of London's Notting Hill - interactive map:

FlashForward's transmedia social network site:

UK LittleLoud's interactive Bow Street Runner online game:

Fun Theory's #3 - Bottle Arcade:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nov 15-17 - good stuff

New Sixth Sense demo video:

Amazing use of lego for ideation at ArtLab UK:

Reboot Britain's Lego Landscape:

Nov. 14-15 2009 - good stuff

Hybrid iphone book:

Hopehagen environmental initiative:

Avatar: the Game:

Environmental storytelling - old Gamasutra article:

Maybelline's Candace Bushnell's webisode:

A brief history of gestural interfaces:

Nov. 11-13 2009 - good stuff

Beautiful urban shadow puppets:

Adidas' Online Augmented Reality game:

Online Vampire game:

NFB's Waterlife website - beautiful:

Colleen de Courcey on creating emotional connections:

Atelic motion control video:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nov. 19th -good stuff

Little Loud's Bow Street Runner - award winner for Channel 4 series:

Flashforward's ARG Mosaic site (nods to World without Oil):

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jeff Gomez' 8 defining characteristics of transmedia storytelling

  1. Content is originated by one or a very few visionaries
  2. Cross-media rollout is planned early in the life of the franchise
  3. Content is distributed to three or more media platforms
  4. Content is unique, adheres to platform-specific strengths, and is not repurposed from one platform to the next
  5. Content is based on a single vision for the story world
  6. Concerted effort is made to avoid fractures and schisms
  7. Effort is vertical across company, third parties and licensees
  8. Rollout features audience participatory elements, including:
    - Web portal
    - Social networking
    - Story-guided user-generated content’s-“8-defining-characteristics-of-transmedia-production”/

Monday, November 9, 2009

even more good stuff

Sally Potter's Rage (interactive online feature)

CSI's creator, Anthony Zuiker's Level 26 DigiNovel trailer:

more good stuff

TinMan interactive trailer - gorgeous environment & simple interface:

Asylum 626 - Dorito's Hotel 626 follow-up:

Samsung's 'Follow Your Instinct' interactive Youtube video:

David Lynch's Interview Project:

Good stuff (some past)

HBO's Imagine:

Dark Knight ARG campaign:

Bigspaceship's Voyeur:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nov. 8th -good stuff

Jonathan Harris (We Feel Fine/Whale Hunt) posts a series of vignettes on the current state of digital media now:

Harvard Business - six social media trends for 2010:

Interactive shoe website - 574 clips - marketing campaign:

Adidas interactive installation in New Zealand - designed by Terabyte:

Tali Krakowsky on 'Building Fiction: the Architecture of Experience Design'

Monday, November 2, 2009

Oct 30

MIT's Android + Arduino:

MIT's Teardrop Paper Computing:

MIT's Tilt Sensing Quilt:

MIT's Electronic Popables:

MIT's Interactive Wallpaper:

Oct 26

classical music / 1000 phone mash-up:

Samsung's new interactive video 'Follow your Instinct":

The Good - Interactive Think Tank:

Red Bull Soap Box Racer:

Jason Rohrer's Gravitation - indie game:

Machinarium - indie game:

Oct 22

Joshua Hoffline horror photography:

Nokia's create your own widget:

MIT convergence culture & Glee

Adalberto Abbate - very cool artist & interface:

Enclosure, area studies & virtual worlds - anthropology:

new green campaign:

Respect - new social activism campaign:

Build, Share, Download fonts:

Club Nokia Digital Timeline:

Beyond the Fold - future of newspaper:

Sally Potter's new feature - episode 1 online:

Carla Raguseo - Twitter fiction:

Oct 16

The Decembrists Hazard of Love visualization video:

Layer's augmented reality app:

RFID visualizations:

Foursquare - locative game:

iPhone opens in-app purchasing:

Youtube to screen Taxi Driver Tweet mash-up:

creative search aggregator - excellent:

Oct 14

Tate Unilever Series - Miroslaw Balka interactive environment:

Aaron Koblin's lovely data viz:

The Impossible Project - polaroid project:

Neil Gaiman + twitter = interactive storytelling:

Oct 11

Sony Soundville - Iceland installation video:

Skittles interweb:
US Cellular Shadow Puppets:

US Cellular Fish:

Blink - Networked Performance:

Responsive/interactive clothing:

Expense report generator:

Oct 8-9

Kara Walker's gorgeous animated video:

Royal Deluxe's 'Rendezvous in Berlin':

Royal Deluxe's Little Girl Giant:

Berlin Reunion:

Goths at the Beach video:

Oct 8

Gorgeous Bontrust paper stop animation video:

Julian Perratta's beautiful video (AR aesthetics):

Michael Epstein's locative storytelling - 'terratives':

Call Cutta in a Box - interactive performance:

Boston AR tour:

Janine Rewell - beautiful design aesthetic:

Oct 7-8

clever remix of Kravitz' Let Love Rule:

Beautiful creepy video:

Battle for Milkquarious - 22 min rock opera promo video

Placebo video - beautiful:

Volkswagon 'Theory of Fun' stair video:

Gorgeous video - Ink:

Oct 4 - 7

Interactive entertainment experience designers:

Enrico Ascoli's Donato Sansone Videogioco video - gorgeous stop animation:

Generator Land - create & share:

Google Android's augmented reality app - wikitude:

Kseniya's Simonova's Sand Animation - beautiful:

Improv Everywhere 'No Pants Subway Ride' 2009:

Vanessa Vobis - very cool artist:

Trevor Paglen's 'Hidden Planes & Unmarked Geographic' dynamic essay:

Sept 30 - Oct. 4

Ubik's Voxel video:

Why So Serious: 360 Alternate Reality Experience - brilliant Dark Knight integrated campaign:

Visualization Showcase - Media Art as Social Process:

Visualization Showcase: taxonomies for New Media Art:

Mapping the Archive - 30 Years of Ars Electronica Visualization:

HBO Imagine - follow-up to Voyeur:

Responsive Sculpture - interactive website - very playful!:

Sept 29-30

A Swarm of Angels - remixing cinema participative feature film:

Fred Viola's jpeg collage video "The Sad Song":

Diplome Camille - gorgeous augmented reality book:

Sour/ Hibo no neiro - awesome Japanese video:

Ahrrrr augmented reality from Georgia Tech:

Light writing tool - very cool:

Steve Scott's gorgeous Exos video - I adore this:

Sept 29-30

Dorito's follow-up to Hotel 626 (really fun):

My Space release of Nightmare on Elm Street trailer:

CNN iPhone app review (worth noting):

Broken Saints website - hybrid animated comic:

NAWLZ - awesome online graphic novel:

Tali Krakowsky on spatial narrative:

Alex McDowell on 5D Immersive Design:

Sept 26-28

Twitter Mosaic:

Real Time Twitter Trends:

Twitter haiku generator:

Satellite & User Generated Maps:

NYC augmented city game:

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sept 29

Portwiture - tweet/ image correlator:

Murmur in New Jersey:

Dorito’s second interactive horror:

Nightmare on Elm Street trailer:

Augmented reality shooter:

Amazing Japanese video :

Broken Saints site:

Nawlz - Online interactive graphic novel:

Tali Krakowsky on spatial design:

Sept. 25-27

Foursquare - mobile app game:

San Fran city app store:

Henrietta Simson’s beautiful spaces/ places work:

The Disobedient Dollhouse:

It Felt like a Kiss - locative project:

Edward Gorey film/ site:

Twyric - twitter haiku / flickr mash-up

Twistori’s beautiful simple twitter emotion data viz:

Twitterfountain - tweet/image mash-up:

Sept 23-24

Dexter stop motion animation - creepy weird goodness:

A lot of Lego:

Google maps & Monopoly!:

Douglas Copeland’s design your own Generation A book cover:

Level 26 - trailer launch on YouTube - CSI creator:

Blue & David Ellis - Combo animation:

Hirngespinster/ Motion Book:

Electronic pop-up books from MIT:

Other lovely MIT projects:

Sept 19-21

Speak City installation (Toronto):

Jenkins on aesthetics of transmedia storytelling:

Isabella Rossellini’s green porno - Snail:

Fragmented Orchestra:

HBO’s Imagine:

Timo’s Nearness (love Timo!):

Timo’s Sniff:

574 clips - interactive photo website:

Big Spaceship’s Urban Daddy app:

August 16-20th

Florian Thalhofer - very cool artist:

Track your happiness:

Little Wheel game:

Blu’s Graffiti video -

100 years of visual effects in five minutes:

Amazing promo video - Johnnie Walker & Robert Carlyle:

July 24

Nasa’s interactive moon landing recreation:

Layer’s augmented reality app:

Nearest Tube augmented reality app:

make your drawings come alive:

The impossible cool - video archive:

Find yer pot app:

Infinite Oz - beautiful interactive with gorgeous interface:

July 17-18

Indiegogo - Do It With Others...:

Blue Eyes magazine - documentary photo site:

Documentary photo narrative sharing site -

Pixel Perfect Portfolios - archive of flash portfolio sites

Economist thinking space site - very cool interface:

The Auteurs - online archive of cinema:

NY Times on top Facebook game apps:

5 business models for social media startups:

Augmented reality twitter viewer - around me:

INNOVID - in-video game experiences

July 5 cont.

Scintillation - stop motion video with 35,000 photos:

Lovely short love story:

‘create rich locater apps embeddable in your websites’:

Canon - ‘Tell your story’:

Brock Davis - Great simple concept for Porsche:

Typography portraits:

Concave scream’s book soundtrack viz:

July 5

TU’s Surface: A film from underneath:

Irregular flow: gorgeous video:

Firekites’ stunning chalk animation:

Keith Loutit’s Helpless video:

Keith Loutit’s Bathtub IV video:

crazy stop motion video with wolf & pig:

July 2

Social collider - cross connections on twitter:

Salman Ashrafi’s beautiful photo blog:

Tweetcraft - World of Warcraft twitter plug-in:

Jonathan Harris’ gorgeous online interactive project on the Inupiat whale hunt:

Jonathan Harris’ data viz of everything:

Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar’s ‘exploration of human emotion in six movements’

Everything obscure/bizarre;

Week June 29th

Blood Trail - trailer launched on YouTube:

cool digital creative Nathan Love:

kids’ interactive storytelling site:

zzzz - gorgeous data viz of tweets with zzzz:

cool digital artist - Douglas Edric Stanley:

Tweets in 3D:

Just Landed data viz: