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Monday, January 31, 2011

Quietly Incredible: Photos released to protect endangered Amazonians - Telegraph

WOW. The Art of Thomas Hooper, Tattooist | Art and design |

Also Awesome: New video game makes game players Stanford professor's virtual lab assistants

From the Stanford site:

"Jackie Gu’s mom thought her daughter was just goofing off, and told her to knock it off already with the online video game she spent so much time playing last summer. Little did she know that her 14-year old was actually advancing the progress of science.

The video game, called EteRNA, was designed by scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Carnegie Mellon University. EteRNA taps gamers’ skills to accelerate biochemists’ understanding of DNA’s once-unsung chemical cousin, RNA. Gamers — no experience is necessary — design molecules composed of RNA, which is now “the emerging superstar in the field of biochemistry,” according to Rhiju Das, PhD, assistant professor of biochemistry at Stanford...."

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This is Awesome: #JaneMcGonigal's Game with the NY Library

From Jane McGonigal's Blog: Secrets « you found me.:

"Find the Future: The Game

On May 20, 2011, a very big game with the New York Public Library will launch. It’s called Find the Future: the Game… and if you between the ages of 15 and 29, and are anywhere near New York City, you will want to save the night of May 20 (all night — 8 PM to 6 AM) to have an incredible, once-in-the-lifetime experience. Stay tuned for more details in early 2011."

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#JaneMcGonigal citing Mr Toledano's Portraits of Gamers = Beautiful

Guardian Infographic: World carbon dioxide emissions data by country: China speeds ahead of the rest | Environment |

Nice: Juno Crosses $100 Million Dollar Mark | /Film

Fascinating Profile: Julian Assange: the teen hacker who became insurgent in information war | The Guardian

Creativity's Site of the Day: State of the Union 2011 | The White House Interactive Website

Love this: 8-bitscapes inserts game characters into real world. Great images

8-bitscapes is a concept created by artist & illustrator Jamie Sneddon & photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson.

For their first 8-bitscapes exhibition, they have brought together their two disciplines to create this stunning series of works.

With a 'giant nod' towards the world of 8-bit gaming, the artists have produced a series of 8, strictly limited edition prints. These thought provoking images re-imagine well loved, iconic retro digital characters in real life scenarios. Framing them forever as they munch, invade, race, battle and bleep their way around planet EARTTTTTHHHHHH!!

If you'd like to keep up to date with new 8-bitscapes pieces, exhibitions and general 8-bit geekery, then please click the links and follow us on Twitter & Facebook.

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Super Cool: 5 Unusual Ways to Use Apple's iPad

Extraordinary iPhone App Identifies 2.6 Million TV Shows by “Listening”

Very interesting. Step by Step...:Fox Searchlight Releases SAG Screeners on iTunes | /Film

iPhone & iPad game inspired by wonderful world of nuclear physics: EMC trailer

Very Cool Manifesto for Capitalism as Activism: Alex Bogusky's FearLess Revolution - RT @madebymany

Description from the site:

"Benefiting people, communities, society, the environment and future generations is the new advantage in business. Our new capitalist brand is about transitioning from competitive advantage to collaborative advantage. COMMON is a brand that is community designed, community owned, and community directed. It is a single open source brand — a living network — for rapidly prototyping many progressive businesses that unleash creativity to solve social problems."

download deck here:

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TheFWA Site of the Month - LEGO Star Wars III Website (looks pretty awesome)

TheFWA Site of the Day for Jan 28 2011 - Out My Window - Congrats Kat & NFB!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fascinating changing times: More Young Americans Identify as Mixed Race

Excerpt from a VERY long article on NYTimes:

"...One in seven new marriages is between spouses of different races or ethnicities, according to data from 2008 and 2009 that was analyzed by the Pew Research Center. Multiracial and multiethnic Americans (usually grouped together as “mixed race”) are one of the country’s fastest-growing demographic groups. And experts expect the racial results of the 2010 census, which will start to be released next month, to show the trend continuing or accelerating...."

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OMG. Look at Canada: GDP Growth 2010-2015. Proportional Map.

Wow. I LOVE this Site: GDP Growth 2010-2015. Let's think about our world.

Grazie Henry Jenkins!: "Deep Media," Transmedia, What's the Difference?: An Interview with Frank Rose (Part Two)

Excerpt from the Jan. 28, 2011 interview:

HJ: "You draw a range of comparisons here to older, even pre-20th century forms of storytelling -- from Daniel Dafoe to Charles Dickens. What continuities and changes do you see between deep media and older forms of serialized fictions?

FR: That's a question I became increasingly intrigued with as I worked on the book. Collective entertainment may be new, but there's nothing new about entertainment that's participatory and immersive. In fact, every new medium from the printing press on has been considered dangerously immersive at first. TV, movies, books--Don Quixote went tilting at windmills because he'd lost his mind from reading too much. And in order to gain acceptance, each new medium has tried to pass itself off at first as something familiar. In his preface to Robinson Crusoe, which is generally considered the first novel in the English language, Defoe declared the entire story to be fact. Fiction was considered an inferior branch of history that had the glaring defect of not being true, so when Robinson Crusoe came out in 1719, it had to be passed off as autobiography. Nearly a hundred years passed before the novel became a generally accepted literary form in England. And then when Dickens came along in the 1830s and his publishers started putting out his novels in monthly installments, critics decried that as dangerously immersive. Bad enough that people were reading novels when they could have been engaged in social pursuits, like conversation or backgammon--but now they were going to be losing themselves in a fictional world for months on end.
But the really remarkable thing about Dickens was the way he communed with his readers. That was something serial publication made possible--and serial publication was purely a product of technology. Better printing presses, cheaper paper, trains that could deliver things reliably, rapidly growing cities with a lot more people who could read. Few of these people could afford to purchase entire books, but they could pay for short installments. An unanticipated result of this was that when books were published over a period of 19 or 20 months, readers had a chance to have their say with the author while the novel was still being written. And Dickens relished this. He took note of their comments and suggestions, and he loved interacting with them on the lecture circuit as well. One of his biographers described it as "a sense of immediate audience participation...."

Read the full interview on Henry Jenkins' blog:

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Grazie Henry Jenkins!: "Deep Media," Transmedia, What's the Difference?: An Interview with Frank Rose (Part One)

Excerpt from the Jan. 26, 2011 interview:

HJ: "You write in the book about what you call "deep media." What do you see as the core characteristics of deep media? How do you see your concept relating to others being deployed right now such as transmedia or crossmedia?

FR: To me it's mainly a question of emphasis. Are we focusing on the process or the goal? Transmedia, or crossmedia, puts the emphasis on a new process of storytelling: How do you tell a story across a variety of different media? Deep media puts the focus on the goal: To enable members of the audience (for want of a better term) to delve into a story at any level of depth they like, to immerse themselves in it. Not that this was fully thought out when I started--the term was suggested by a friend in late 2008 as a name for my blog, and when I looked it up online I saw that it had been used by people like Nigel Hollis, the chief analyst at Millward Brown, so I adopted it.
That said, I think the terms are more or less interchangeable. I certainly subscribe to the seven core concepts of transmedia as you've laid them out. I also think we're at an incredibly transitional point in our culture, and terms like "deep media" and "transmedia" are needed to describe a still-evolving way of telling stories. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if both terms disappeared in 15-20 years as this form of storytelling becomes ubiquitous and ultimately taken for granted...."

Read the full interview on Henry Jenkins' blog:

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Awesome: Tours from Above – Aerial Virtual Tour Photography worldwide » Blog Archive » London Olympic Site

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hysterical. Roger Corman by way of Beckett: Rubber (Official Movie Site) - A Film by Quentin Dupieux

Check out this website I found at

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Hysterical: Rubber - A Film by Quentin Dupieux - Premieres OnDemand in theatres April 1

Fascinating: How Much Will Your Facebook Friends Be Worth in Court? - Technology Review

Legal scholars declare that "virtual" property must be divided or reimbursed in divorce proceedings.

Article by CHRISTOPHER MIMS 01/24/2011

Read the full post on MIT Technology Review

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Hmmm.... someone will love this idea: RFID-powered shoes connect wearers to social media (Wired UK)

Read full post on WiredUK:

"...Fashion company WeSC has come up with a concept that could see social interactions powered by an RFID tag embedded in your shoe. The result is somewhere between Foursquare and Nike Plus.

RFID technology is commonly used in transport systems (such as Oyster) and for tracking logistics. WeSC's KarmaTech concept, designed by students at digital media school Hyper Island, sees RFID used for linking the real world with social media.

By placing an RFID tag into each WeSC shoe (or any shoe for that matter), you can create a network of people that could have access to their social networking services, as well as special location-based deals and services..."

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KindAmazing: Quantum Entanglement occurs naturally in Bird eyes to provide a model for quantum navigation (Wired UK)

Read the full post on Wired UK:

"...Researchers led by University of California, Irvine physicist Thorsten Ritz (.pdf) showed in 2004 that, although robins had no trouble pointing their beaks toward Africa under the influence of Earth's magnetic field alone, adding a second, shifting field destroyed their inner compasses. That second field was so weak -- less than one-third of one per cent of Earth's field -- that it could only have influenced a quantum-sensitive system.

"It shouldn't be the case that the birds would even know that this had happened," Benjamin said. "If someone changed the brightness of the scene that you're seeing by a-third of 1 percent, you would struggle to know that it even happened. It certainly wouldn't muck up your vision...."

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Friday, January 28, 2011

As always: Many Great Pics from The Big Picture: Protest spreads in the Middle East

Just so cool: Kinect hack builds 3D maps of the real world (Wired UK)

Happy 1st Birthday, iPad [INFOGRAPHIC] RT @mashable

Al Jazeera Streaming Live from Cairo - 'People are no longer responding to fear' radio guest

New Case Study: French transmedia first is a paranormal affair « The Pixel Report

Just up on the Pixel Report!

"One of the first native transmedia experiences in France, backed by Orange, followed a videoblogger’s encounters with the supernatural

By Rosie Lavan, January 26, 2011


SHORT STORY SYNOPSIS: Multi-platform immersive project which took a humorous look at the paranormal. Spurred on by the mysterious disappearance of his brother Fred, JC records his interest in the paranormal on his videoblog. A TV series follows the attempts of JC, his wife Muriel, and mother-in-law Simone to make sense of supernatural occurrences, while users interacted and contributed to the fiction online, with the project culminating in an ARG, Finding Fred...."

Read the full report

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David Varela's Excellent Post on Transmedia 'Going global' « The Pixel Report

Great insights from David Varela


"Taking a transmedia production from a local market to a global audience isn’t just a matter of dealing with bigger numbers. As David Varela, transmedia writer & producer has discovered, going global brings challenges that go beyond mere scale.

Most of the biggest transmedia productions in recent history have been born in the United States. This isn’t necessarily because they have a more advanced media industry or a more adventurous approach to entertainment. Indeed, American corporate culture can be very conservative – the number of lawyers between the creative idea and the audience stifles many an adventurous idea before it sees the light of day.

No, the reason transmedia has thrived in the US is that many of the largest transmedia productions have been forms of marketing, and the United States is one very large market. More particularly, it is a sizeable, affluent market united by a common language..."

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Ridley Scott's YouTube Documentary ‘Life in a Day’ Streaming Tonight on YouTube 7pm

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow. Look closely for a sense of the numbers. Cairo. January 25 2011. Al Jazeera | Flickr.

400 US Rabbis to Rupert Murdoch: 'Sanction' Glenn Beck. Ad runs Jan. 27 in Wall Street Journal

Lina Srivastava's List: Looking ahead to 2011: Projects, people, organizations and companies to watch

Whoa. Cool: Infographic of the Day: LinkedIn Maps Big Shots in Your Social Network | Co.Design

Read about it on

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Netflix Now Boasts More Subscribers Than Showtime, Starz, HBO Next? | Fast Company

Excerpt from Fast Company:

"One of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' favorite films is Gloomy Sunday, a dark and melancholic movie about the fragility of life and love, set in 1930s Budapest. But at Netflix headquarters in sunny Los Gatos, California, on Wednesday, the atmosphere and mood was anything but gloomy and depressed.
The streaming company trumped Wall Street fears, with quarterly profit rising 52% to $47.1 million, and revenue increasing by 34% to $595.9 million. Most impressively, Netflix added 3.1 million subscriptions during the quarter, and boasts more than 20 million subscribers--more than the total subscribers of premium channels Starz and Showtime, which have 17.3 million and 18.2 million subscribers, respectively.
Is HBO next on Netflix's radar?..."

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Spooky. Add this to the Birds, Floods, Earthquakes...The lake that glows in the dark: Eerie phenomenon that turned waters (and midnight swimmers) luminous blue -- High Strangeness -

Great Post from @MovieViral | Infographics: How Videos Go Viral, and How Social Media Users Watch Video

Make sure to look at the full post - more really informative infographics!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Supercool! Bioluminescent Couture by Vega Wang - Full Post on InfraBodies

He's Back. I laughed.: Old Spice | I'm Back - thanks Randy Matheson!

The Convergence of Art and the Internet | Metaviews

Excerpt from review by JuliaPM 01/10/2011 on Metaviews

read the full article here:

"....I was most curious about the free exhibit, because we're still seeing new directions for how the internet disrupts both meanings of the word free - how we think about liberty (personal and societal), and how we assign value to things. Seth Price's essay "Dispersion" is both an inspiration for the exhibit and a part of the exhibit, where it is the eponymous essay in Essay with Knots. From a New Museum article about his work: "Price discusses attempts by conceptual artists to circumvent the structures of the art world and the art market by co-opting the distribution-oriented, communicative media associated with popular culture."....

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Spooky new app brings out your best side: Echoism

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I love it when Nabokov is vindicated: Nabokov Theory on Polyommatus Blue Butterflies Is Vindicated

A male Acmon blue butterfly (Icaricia acmon). Vladimir Nabokov described the Icaricia genus in 1944.

Published: January 25, 2011

Vladimir Nabokov may be known to most people as the author of classic novels like “Lolita” and “Pale Fire.” But even as he was writing those books, Nabokov had a parallel existence as a self-taught expert on butterflies.

He was the curator of lepidoptera at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, and collected the insects across the United States. He published detailed descriptions of hundreds of species. And in a speculative moment in 1945, he came up with a sweeping hypothesis for the evolution of the butterflies he studied, a group known as the Polyommatus blues. He envisioned them coming to the New World from Asia over millions of years in a series of waves.

Few professional lepidopterists took these ideas seriously during Nabokov’s lifetime. But in the years since his death in 1977, his scientific reputation has grown. And over the past 10 years, a team of scientists has been applying gene-sequencing technology to his hypothesis about how Polyommatus blues evolved. On Tuesday in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, they reported that Nabokov was absolutely right.

“It’s really quite a marvel,” said Naomi Pierce of Harvard, a co-author of the paper.....

Read the full article on the NYTimes

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A Very BIG Whoot!: Havas Takes Majority Stake in Colleen DeCourcy's Startup - Advertising Age - Agency News

Former TBWA Exec's New Social-Media Shop Is Dubbed Socialistic

Posted by Maureen Morrison on 01.24.11 @ 12:00 PM

CHICAGO ( -- Ad agency holding company Havas has taken a majority stake in Socialistic, a new social-media shop helmed by Colleen DeCourcy, the former chief digital officer at Omnicom Group's TBWA.

Colleen DeCourcy

Colleen DeCourcy

--> The startup will work with social platform application programming interfaces (commonly referred to as APIs) to create content and mobile applications, branded digital products, digital out-of-home executions and in-store experiences. To build out its staff, Socialistic plans to recruit application technologists as well as journalists, writers and videographers.

"One of the things we fundamentally believe is the critical importance of digital," said David Jones, global CEO of Paris-based Havas Worldwide Global and CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide. "Historically in our business the competitive difference among agencies has been talent. Now I believe that it's talent and technology. Colleen is one of the most brilliant digital people. The future is social media, mobile and location, and Socialistic is designed to play into that space...."

Read the full post:

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Nice Boost from Fast Company: Creative Destinations: In Toronto's Old Timey Distilleries, a Fresh Brew | Co.Design

Why You Should Be Paying Attention To Kevin Smith | Techdirt

Full Article on Techdirt:

Why You Should Be Paying Attention To Kevin Smith

from the where-the-puck-is-going-to-be dept

It was almost exactly two years ago this week that I did my presentation at Midem concerning Trent Reznor and his many fascinating experiments in reinventing the music business (for himself), and summarized it down to the simple formula of:

Connect with Fans (CwF) + Reason to Buy (RtB) = The Business Model

The idea, of course, was not that he had figured out "the one true model," but that he was doing a ton of interesting experiments, some of which worked better than others, but all of which seemed to focus around this basic concept of really making sure to build up a strong connection with the fans, and then figuring out ways to let those fans support him as directly as possible. While some have complained that Reznor could afford to do this given his previous success in the "old" industry, we've seen tons of other musicians, big, medium and small, figure out how to use the same basic concepts for their own careers. And, it's not about copying Reznor or just trying to do some sort of gimmick, but really figuring out the best ways to connect with their fans, and then offering up opportunities to buy....

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Kevin Smith - Sundance 2011 "Red State" FULL Speech on Film Distribution

Philip Beesley's Aurora Featured!: Interactive sculpture is a template for carbon-negative homes (Wired UK)

'Sometimes you don't need a whole donut of funding, you need a timbit' « Genius MicroGrants. The Awesome Foundation – Toronto

From the site:

We are the Toronto Chapter of the Awesome Foundation.


The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences is an ever-growing, worldwide network of people devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe.

The Foundation distributes a series of monthly $1,000 grants to projects and their creators. The money is given upfront in a paper bag full of cash by a group of ten self-organizing “micro-trustees,” who form autonomous chapters around geographic areas or topics of interest.

The Foundation provides these grants with no strings attached and claims no ownership over the projects it supports. (Detailed FAQ.) It is, in the words of one of our trustees, a micro-genius grant for flashes of micro-brilliance.

Since its humble beginnings, many Awesome Foundation chapters have sprung up globally to conserve, sustain, and support the worldwide ecosystem of awesomeness. Projects have included efforts in a wide range of areas including technology, arts, social good, and beyond.


As we are just getting underway, the Toronto group is open to any and all ideas. What would you do with $1000 to improve our city? Or to make it more fun? Or to prove a point? Or to solve a problem?

Themes that interest us are design, urban planning, art and science. The ideal project has elements of those mixed with a legitimate and important social mission.

Of course, all of this is subject to change on-the-fly for no better reason than we feel like it that day.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

WOW. will.i.apps teams with Metaio to bring you BEP360 App for iPad, iPhone = 360-Degree Motion Control and Augmented Reality

As the press release arrived via email & I can't find the same release on the Metaio site, I'm reproducing it here:



New "BEP360" App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Takes Fans Inside "The Time (Dirty Bit)" with 360-Degree Motion Control and Augmented Reality Developed by Peas Front Man

LOS ANGELES January 24, 2010 - Music industry pioneer and front man of The Black Eyed Peas,, today announced the iTunes App Store launch of BEP360, an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch app that immerses fans in a 360 degree universe of the legendary music group. Featuring the world`s first 360-degree view music video ("The Time 360"), BEP360 features the song "The Time (Dirty Bit)," the first single from new CD, "The Beginning", now available on Interscope Records.

BEP360 is the first release from will.i.apps,`s new digital media production entity dedicated to pioneering and producing application-based entertainment experiences. BEP360 is the first in a line of upcoming applications that will converge the worlds of creativity, music and advanced digital technologies.

Thirty years after the first music video aired on MTV, the will.i.apps team has reinvented how fans can be further immersed in the world of their favorite artists by pointing and swinging an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad around a 360-degree axis that then changes the point of view. An entirely new form of music video, BEP360 uses digital teleportation to take fans deeper inside the world of The Black Eyed Peas. A demo of BEP360 app featuring The Black Eyed Peas and the making-of behind the scenes video can be seen at:

"will.i.apps and the BEP360 app have been established to help artists tap into the potential of our hyper-connected mobile world and bring fans deeper inside the music far beyond a four minute audio recording. It`s a unique and completely new way to experience 360 degree music immersion that will bring artists and fans closer together," said

Key Features of BEP360

· Point iPad, iPhone and iPod touch device at the cover artwork of the band`s latest album, The Beginning (Interscope Records) and watch augmented reality take form with BEP avatars dancing to the beat

· Direct a virtual photo session with Fergie,, & Taboo allowing users to capture their own shots and share them.

· Stay up to date on everything about the Peas via an aggregated Twitter feed

· Play an addictive Peas-inspired puzzle game

· View pictures and comments posted by other BEP360 app users on a virtual earth

The BEP360 app is available for $2.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, or at:

will.i.apps partnered with metaio to facilitate the cutting edge augmented reality experience bringing the Peas into the fans world. 3D360, the technology leader in 3D360 video was also part of the team that pioneered this ground breaking platform allowing capture, and then play back of the unique 360 degree video. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to allow fans to get closer to The Black Eyed Peas and realize`s vision of the first mobile 3D360 music video," commented 3D360 CEO Myles McGovern.

Image: As soon as you point your iPhone onto the CD a virtual 3D character appears and the music starts.

About will.i.apps
will.i.apps ( is a digital media company focused on delivering ground- breaking entertainment applications for mobile devices. Co-founded by music industry pioneer, producer and The Black Eyed Peas front man and Edo Segal of Futurity Ventures, a New York-based Innovation Engine, will.i.apps partners with leading artists to bring their creative universes to life by embracing the power of mobile apps. Fans can also visit to learn about future BEP360 apps.

About metaio
As a pioneer in the area of augmented reality technology, metaio ( ) develops software products or systems driven by visual interaction in both, the real and the virtual world. Our Unifeye software platform not only lets you place 3D animations directly into live video streams, but also supports the seamless integration of images from the external user environment.Founded in February 2003, we currently employ 65 members of staff at three different locations. The company is headquartered in Munich. Our subsidiaries metaio Inc. and metaio Asia are headquartered in San Francisco and Seoul, respectively. metaio is currently involved in projects worldwide for over 140 well-known customers from a broad range of industries. Among them are: BMW, Daimler, LEGO, Toyota, Popular Science, adidas Originals, MINI, Focus Features and Volkswagen.

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Excellent Post from Henry Jenkins: A Manifesto for Media Education » From New Media Literacies to New Media Expertise: “Confronting the Challenges of a Participatory Culture” Revisited

Canadian Stats: The Web audience - The Globe and Mail

Canadian Stats: Where film revenue comes from - The Globe and Mail

Nice Post: Logic+Emotion: Humans Are The Killer App

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Awesome Anniversary Infographic from Jess3: The State of Wikipedia

An interactive architectural mapping controlled by audience. PERSPECTIVE LYRIQUE. Thnx Kathleen Climie!

Hey doc filmmakers! This is for You!: PUMACreative Impact Award launches at Sundance - Open Call

Impact Award

The PUMA.Creative Impact Award is a major new annual award to honour the documentary film creating the most significant impact in the world. This 50,000 Euro award acknowledges the film’s makers and will help the continuation of the film’s campaign work.

Our aim is to draw attention to the finest social justice filmmaking in the world, with a prize that underlines the role and importance of documentary film in society; a prize that encourages best practice in the filmmaking community, to collect and communicate relevant data on these films. Click here for full press release on the launch of the PUMACreative Impact award.

As individuals and as organisations, we are faced with some serious challenges today such as ongoing conflict, climate change, loss of biodiversity. None of these issues will solve themselves without intervention. We, at PUMA, have chosen to intervene through film because it is the most powerful medium to reach mass audiences and influence opinion formers and will contribute to leaving a better world for generations to come.
Jochen Zeitz, Chairman & CEO of PUMA


The PUMA.Creative Impact Award will be selected by a jury which includes Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan; Morgan Spurlock, Academy Award nominated Director of Super Size Me; Orlando Bagwell, Director of the Ford Foundation Social Justice Media Initiative; and Emmanuel Jal, musician and activist.

The call for the PUMA.Creative Impact Award opens on January 21 during the Sundance Film Festival. Anyone can put a film forward from any country—filmmakers, distributors, film festivals, partner organisations including NGOs and Foundations, film critics and journalists. Films can be put forward any time up to three years after release (where the release is defined as first film festival screening, TV broadcast, cinema release or internet release).

Submissions close on April 1, 2011 when Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation will assess applications and produce a shortlist to be assessed by an international Peer Review Committee including: Carol Cone, Executive Vice President of Cone@Edelman; Diana Barrett, President and Founder of Fledgling Fund; Yvette Alberdingkthijm, Executive Director of WITNESS; Pat Aufderheide, Director of Center for Social Media, American University; Isabelle Schwarz, Head of Strategic Programmes at European Cultural Foundation; Heidi Gronauer at EsoDoc; Sarah Hunter, Head of UK Public Policy at Google; Sally Ann Wilson, Secretary-General at Commonwealth Broadcasting Association; Isabel Arrate, Fund Manager at the Jan Vrijman Fund; and Karolina Lidin, Documentary Consultant at the Nordisk Film & TV Fond and Sheffield Doc/Fest.


Find out more about our friends at Puma:

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I Live in the Wrong City. Wrong Time: Up Against the Renaissance

FLORENCE — The bohemian artistic community in Florence in the early 16th century was almost certainly the first to stage regular absurdist “happenings.”

Martino Margheri/CCCStrozzina, Firenze

At the Palazzo Strozzi, Michelangelo Pistoletto’s “Metrocubo d’infinito” is an installation in which a cube of inward facing mirrors is placed in another large mirrored chamber, reproducing the image of the inner cube, and that of the viewer, reflected into infinity.




The latest on the arts, coverage of live events, critical reviews, multimedia extravaganzas and much more. Join the discussion.

The center of this activity was “La Sapienza,” an abandoned, half-built, never-to-be-completed university site, taken over by a group of like-minded artists as studios, and the venue for uproarious, avant-garde theatrical and musical performances and all-night parties. The inhabitants of this warehouse-style commune included Jacopo Sansovino, Ruperto di Filippino and Giovanfrancesco Rustici, who kept a pet eagle and porcupine.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cool. Wish I'd Thought of This!: Universal Everything Uses Esquire Logo In Stunning AV Experiment | Co.Design

WOW: Tom Beddard Grows Fractals Into Works of Art | Co.Design

'This picture is, like the Russian national interest, a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma' - #20things that happened on the Internet in 2010: a puzzle

From @syzygy site:

"This picture is, like the Russian national interest, a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. The picture contains 20 ‘things’ that happened on the Internet in 2010. These ‘things’ include industry events, memes and great web projects. We invite you to leave your ontological, semantic and grammatical objections to one side, and guess what these ‘things’ might be. (hi-resolution version)

It’s not a competition, but if you want to e-mail us with your answers, then feel free and we’ll mail you back with the answers in a bit. It's probably worth pointing out that quite a few of the clues refer to specific events, so Angry Birds for example isn't really the right answer for the Angry Bird at the front of the picture. But don't get too hung up on this, we’ll be dropping the odd clue on Twitter and remember. This. Is. Not. A. Competition.

We’re giving away free limited edition prints!
As if that isn’t enough, we’re giving away two of the 100 limited edition A1 prints of this picture each day for the next couple of weeks. All you have to do is follow us on Twitter and tweet a link to the picture using the hashtag #20things. We’ll randomly pick a couple of lucky people each day and send them a poster. We’re also on Facebook if that’s more your bag, though the real action will be on Twitter.

Mad Props
Finally, many thanks to McBess for illustrating this. Besides being a super-talented illustrator, he makes great music, film, animation and books which you should all check out."

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