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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Using Social Media for Global Growth: The Airbnb Story - Video Case Study

From the description:

Published on Dec 4, 2012

"Our community is core to our business. From the moment that people land or start their trip, they're going to be Tweeting and facebooking, they're basically opening up a conversation and we want to be part of it" - Venetia Pristavec, Creative Lead Airbnb.

Book a home, castle, room or even a private island anywhere in the world. Located in over 182 countries, Airbnb is a global community marketplace of unique, trustworthy spaces for rent.

In this video, discover how Airbnb uses HootSuite's social media management system to manage thousands of conversations around the globe. HootSuite's analytic tools monitor follower growth and social CRM, while tracking certain keywords over time, so that Airbnb can strategize social campaigns accordingly. From an International perspective, their voice needs to adapt for different markets and HootSuite manages those voices. ..."

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