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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sept 29

Portwiture - tweet/ image correlator:

Murmur in New Jersey:

Dorito’s second interactive horror:

Nightmare on Elm Street trailer:

Augmented reality shooter:

Amazing Japanese video :

Broken Saints site:

Nawlz - Online interactive graphic novel:

Tali Krakowsky on spatial design:

Sept. 25-27

Foursquare - mobile app game:

San Fran city app store:

Henrietta Simson’s beautiful spaces/ places work:

The Disobedient Dollhouse:

It Felt like a Kiss - locative project:

Edward Gorey film/ site:

Twyric - twitter haiku / flickr mash-up

Twistori’s beautiful simple twitter emotion data viz:

Twitterfountain - tweet/image mash-up:

Sept 23-24

Dexter stop motion animation - creepy weird goodness:

A lot of Lego:

Google maps & Monopoly!:

Douglas Copeland’s design your own Generation A book cover:

Level 26 - trailer launch on YouTube - CSI creator:

Blue & David Ellis - Combo animation:

Hirngespinster/ Motion Book:

Electronic pop-up books from MIT:

Other lovely MIT projects:

Sept 19-21

Speak City installation (Toronto):

Jenkins on aesthetics of transmedia storytelling:

Isabella Rossellini’s green porno - Snail:

Fragmented Orchestra:

HBO’s Imagine:

Timo’s Nearness (love Timo!):

Timo’s Sniff:

574 clips - interactive photo website:

Big Spaceship’s Urban Daddy app:

August 16-20th

Florian Thalhofer - very cool artist:

Track your happiness:

Little Wheel game:

Blu’s Graffiti video -

100 years of visual effects in five minutes:

Amazing promo video - Johnnie Walker & Robert Carlyle:

July 24

Nasa’s interactive moon landing recreation:

Layer’s augmented reality app:

Nearest Tube augmented reality app:

make your drawings come alive:

The impossible cool - video archive:

Find yer pot app:

Infinite Oz - beautiful interactive with gorgeous interface:

July 17-18

Indiegogo - Do It With Others...:

Blue Eyes magazine - documentary photo site:

Documentary photo narrative sharing site -

Pixel Perfect Portfolios - archive of flash portfolio sites

Economist thinking space site - very cool interface:

The Auteurs - online archive of cinema:

NY Times on top Facebook game apps:

5 business models for social media startups:

Augmented reality twitter viewer - around me:

INNOVID - in-video game experiences

July 5 cont.

Scintillation - stop motion video with 35,000 photos:

Lovely short love story:

‘create rich locater apps embeddable in your websites’:

Canon - ‘Tell your story’:

Brock Davis - Great simple concept for Porsche:

Typography portraits:

Concave scream’s book soundtrack viz:

July 5

TU’s Surface: A film from underneath:

Irregular flow: gorgeous video:

Firekites’ stunning chalk animation:

Keith Loutit’s Helpless video:

Keith Loutit’s Bathtub IV video:

crazy stop motion video with wolf & pig:

July 2

Social collider - cross connections on twitter:

Salman Ashrafi’s beautiful photo blog:

Tweetcraft - World of Warcraft twitter plug-in:

Jonathan Harris’ gorgeous online interactive project on the Inupiat whale hunt:

Jonathan Harris’ data viz of everything:

Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar’s ‘exploration of human emotion in six movements’

Everything obscure/bizarre;

Week June 29th

Blood Trail - trailer launched on YouTube:

cool digital creative Nathan Love:

kids’ interactive storytelling site:

zzzz - gorgeous data viz of tweets with zzzz:

cool digital artist - Douglas Edric Stanley:

Tweets in 3D:

Just Landed data viz:

Week June 20th

Schematic's amazing touch wall:

Eclectic Method - Tarantino remix:

UK Holiday tweet map:

Interactive 3D cover from Popular Science:

Twitter for busy people:

Thought Mesh - scholarly writing tags:

Week June 9th

Self Control Freak - very cool interactive videos:

Nokia Talking Heads - cool concept:

Tag Galaxy - beautiful data viz:

Digital Slaves - multistream video installations:

Sufjan Stevens - data viz of music:

Janine Rewell - beautiful website - silhouette paper aesthetic:

Friday, October 30, 2009

Week June 2

make your own Sasquatch!

Showtime/Kindle marketing campaign for Nurse Jackie:

Emotional Cartography:

David Lynch's online interview project:

Julian Perretta's augmented reality interactive 3D pop-up book music video:

Week May 24th

Upnext app - provides geo-locational info on iPhone:

extraordinarily beautiful video by Moray McLaren:

excellent overview of user experience deliverables:

very cool Nokia email interface site:

Ad Firm Boone Oakley launches site on YouTube:

Friday, October 23, 2009

games as art

also, if you haven't played any of the games below, they're worth a few minutes for thinking about

games as art:

Jason Rohrer


Rod Humble:


Stars over Half Moon Bay:



Jeneva Chen:


Thursday, October 22, 2009

latest interactive online narratives

must read essays: Manovich & Bush

Vanevar Bush: 'As we may think' 1945

Lev Manovich: 'Database as a Symbolic Form' 1998

Lev Manovich: Software Takes Command. 2008 Downloadable book under CC.

Manovich's Soft Cinema:
Review of Soft Cinema: 2005