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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hmmm.... someone will love this idea: RFID-powered shoes connect wearers to social media (Wired UK)

Read full post on WiredUK:

"...Fashion company WeSC has come up with a concept that could see social interactions powered by an RFID tag embedded in your shoe. The result is somewhere between Foursquare and Nike Plus.

RFID technology is commonly used in transport systems (such as Oyster) and for tracking logistics. WeSC's KarmaTech concept, designed by students at digital media school Hyper Island, sees RFID used for linking the real world with social media.

By placing an RFID tag into each WeSC shoe (or any shoe for that matter), you can create a network of people that could have access to their social networking services, as well as special location-based deals and services..."

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