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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Toolkit Case Study: The Transmedia Conspiracy of Vladan Nikolic's 'Zenith' - indieWIRE

Excerpt from article by Eric Kohn (January 18, 2011):

"With the Sundance Film Festival set to begin Thursday, filmmakers must decide the best approach for standing out in the crowd. A strategy worth considering is found in “Zenith,” a film that has had virtually no festival exposure but begins its theatrical release Jan. 19.

Directed by Serbian-American filmmaker Vladan Nikolic, science-fiction thriller “Zenith” alternately takes place in the year 2044 and the present day. Nikolic imagines a bleak future in which science’s attempt to genetically modify the human race and make everyone feel eternally happy instead turns people into cold, alienated creatures in search of physical stimuli — mainly in the form of drugs. Ed (Jason Robards III), a young dealer, discovers a series of 10 tapes recorded by his missing father, Jack (Peter Scanavino). Seen as a crazed conspiracy theorist in his own time, Jack’s ramblings about a vast scheme by unseen forces to unravel the foundations of society strike Ed as eerily prescient. Under constant scrutiny, he embarks on an ominous mission to unearth more of his father’s research...."

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