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Friday, January 28, 2011

David Varela's Excellent Post on Transmedia 'Going global' « The Pixel Report

Great insights from David Varela


"Taking a transmedia production from a local market to a global audience isn’t just a matter of dealing with bigger numbers. As David Varela, transmedia writer & producer has discovered, going global brings challenges that go beyond mere scale.

Most of the biggest transmedia productions in recent history have been born in the United States. This isn’t necessarily because they have a more advanced media industry or a more adventurous approach to entertainment. Indeed, American corporate culture can be very conservative – the number of lawyers between the creative idea and the audience stifles many an adventurous idea before it sees the light of day.

No, the reason transmedia has thrived in the US is that many of the largest transmedia productions have been forms of marketing, and the United States is one very large market. More particularly, it is a sizeable, affluent market united by a common language..."

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