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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why You Should Be Paying Attention To Kevin Smith | Techdirt

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Why You Should Be Paying Attention To Kevin Smith

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It was almost exactly two years ago this week that I did my presentation at Midem concerning Trent Reznor and his many fascinating experiments in reinventing the music business (for himself), and summarized it down to the simple formula of:

Connect with Fans (CwF) + Reason to Buy (RtB) = The Business Model

The idea, of course, was not that he had figured out "the one true model," but that he was doing a ton of interesting experiments, some of which worked better than others, but all of which seemed to focus around this basic concept of really making sure to build up a strong connection with the fans, and then figuring out ways to let those fans support him as directly as possible. While some have complained that Reznor could afford to do this given his previous success in the "old" industry, we've seen tons of other musicians, big, medium and small, figure out how to use the same basic concepts for their own careers. And, it's not about copying Reznor or just trying to do some sort of gimmick, but really figuring out the best ways to connect with their fans, and then offering up opportunities to buy....

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