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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Transmedia Toronto Meetup: Talk featuring Scott Walker of Brain Candy - Feb 27, 7:30 - See you there!

Hey Transmedia peoples:

It's been too many moons since our last meetup, so let's get active again. Our first scheduled meetup of the year will be Monday, Feb. 27 at Raindance Canada (at the Centre of Social Innovation Annex) same room as last time.

Our guest speaker will be Scott Walker of Brain Candy. Scott is also a founding organizer of Transmedia LA, the granddaddy of all the Transmedia meetup groups around the world. Scott design experiences that encourage audience participation and explore collaborative world building techniques. This talk/Q&A on Shared Storyworlds will be of special use to filmmakers, new media and digital media producers who are planning to apply for funding that must include an interactive digital component. You can check out more about Scott on his blog at And hopefully after Scott's talk we can have further great discussions.

As previously mentioned at our last talk, we are asking for a 5$ donation/cover charge to contribute to the speaker fee, as we really want to honour the professionals who speak at our events as professionals. That is 5$ at the door in cash.


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