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Monday, February 27, 2012

The i-docs’ “evolution”, in just 10 points | from Sandra Gaudenzi & Arnau Gifreu via i-docs

The i-docs’ “evolution”, in just 10 points

While preparing for the forthcoming i-Docs conference, and thinking about what a great year 2011 has been for factual narratives, we started a discussion between Arnau Gifreu and myself to see if we agreed on the i-docs trends that are emerging just in front of our eyes.

Arnau proposed to come up with 10 points that could illustrate the trends and novelties that the years 2011-12 are bringing forward. I thought it was a brilliant idea. As i-docs are getting more established as a genre we are witnessing the emergence of more production companies,  more tools and more dedicated conferences around the world. So…where is this leading us?

Here are the 10 points we came up with. Please do reply to this post and add your own ideas to it. Or maybe… do even better: come to i-Docs 2012 (it’s happening in just a month time, on the 22nd and 23rd of March, in Bristol!) and… engage in a lively discussion with all of us!


 1. Tools and HTLM 5 as the next revolution for i-docs

New authoring tools have emerged in the last year. Those can use HTML 5 language with javascript frameworks (such popcorn.js), and other frameworks (as Zeega, Klynt  and 3WDOC) will allow the incorporation and handling of different types of multimedia elements within linear audiovisual documentary. Now… those tools are not made for i-docs only, of course, but they greatly open up the possibilities for i-docs producers.

Figure 1. New authoring multimedia tools

This is particularly true for the tools that make use of HTML5 because effectively they allow live data to be linked to a specific video frame. So… why making such a fuss about HTML5? Well… effectively it turns video into a hyperlink. You can now link every frame of your movie to live data that is somewhere else in the web. This could be a news feed, a weather report, a community of people that blog about your precise topic… or anything else you can think of!

Both the very well-known projects One Millionth Tower and 18 Days in Egypt have used Popcorn this year… and we are ready to bet that there will be many more next year! By the way, Jigar Metha (18 days in Egypt) and Kat Cizek (Highrise/One Millionth Tower) will both speak at i-Docs 2012!

Figure 2. 18 days in Egypt Website

 Figure 3. One Millionth Tower project


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