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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Modern Mythology: The Story of a Transmedia Revolution: (Part 1) To Arms...

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The Story of a Transmedia Revolution: (Part 1) To Arms...

Posted by Peter Usagi

The Book Thump Heard Round The World

After more than thirty years of fits and starts, a storytelling revolution is finally about to begin. Naturally, the catalyst was a book; surprisingly, however, it was a high school text book...

Immersive and interactive digital books will
soon be jumping off screens everywhere...
(Image via Creative Commons)
Earlier this week, Apple announced the release of iBooks Author, a new content creation platform for their ubiquitous iPad. However, unlike most of Apple’s hardware or software announcements, this one has seemed to garner little public interest. This could be attributed to the fact that according to Apple’s keynote, the only things that were “unveiled” were a new kind of digital school textbook, and a software program to make them.

School, text books, and reading…ho-hum.

The average person is as likely to sit through a keynote presentation on those two topics, as work on their taxes for fun. And this new software isn’t even wrapped in shiny high-tech aluminum: a baby iPad to combat Amazon’s encroaching Kindle Fire. As I watched the footage of the keynote, and it become apparent there was going to be no iText, iTome, or iTablet reader—just a pair of “un-Jobs” like Apple executives walking the audience through the pages of a digital biology text book—I was sorely tempted to give up early on the hour long presentation..."

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