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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The @Disneyland Marketing Method: cleanliness, distorted perspectives.. Disney's other rules...


Nice points made through this article - here's my have:

"Optical Illusion

After spending weeks of my life at Disneyland, I’ve come to understand certain “tricks” they play with your mind. Aggregated by talking to employees, family members who have worked at the park and research online.

One optical illusion they’ve designed for the customer’s benefit is the following:

Main Street is the road you walk on when first entering the park.

It’s designed to look longer when you enter and shorter when you leave. How do they do it? They slant the height of the buildings to grow shorter when you’re looking towards the castle (entering) and taller in the reverse direction.

This gives your mind an optical illusion of distorted distance.

And why do they do this?

Disneyland wants the park to look larger, grand and monstrous when you first enter the park. Early in the morning, you’re energized and ready to walk anyways. When you leave the park, late at night, you’re usually tired; and enjoy seeing the exit feeling like it’s closer..."

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