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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Importance Of Online Video In Transmedia Campaigns - Starlight Runner's Jeff Gomez

by Christopher Rick

Feb. 15 2012

"When I was at CES I was lucky enough to sit down with the crew from Starlight Runner who are doing great things in 'transmedia' campaigns to help brands achieve a wider reach for their products and projects. While we didn't chat much about work in Vegas it did lay some groundwork so that we could sit down and talk about how and why a brand should look at a transmedia approach to marketing and more importantly, the online video role in such a campaign.

[ReelSEO] What's the first thing you look at when taking a property that is only video and expanding it into other forms of media?

[Jeff Gomez] At Starlight Runner when we examine a property for its potential to be expanded across a variety of media platforms, we first have to establish with our client that we are not a company that repurposes content. What we do, that I think is in sync with what at least two generations of audience members are looking for, is to place the established video content into a greater context in terms of the vision and story being told. If your property or “story world” is rich and detailed enough — or if it lends itself to enrichment and depth — then it is a good candidate for multi-platform expansion. We’re the first to say that not all stories lend themselves to this kind of treatment...."

read the full interview here:

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