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Friday, February 24, 2012

Supercool! Double Fine Adventure by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions — Kickstarter



UPDATE: We did it! 100% funded in just over eight hours. You people are amazing! But it's not over yet. The number keeps going up and now the question is just how much news do we want to make with this? We're getting a lot of attention already and it seems like this little project could have an impact beyond itself.

All money raised will go to make the game and documentary better. Additional money means it can appear on more platforms, be translated into more languages, have more music and voice, and an original soundtrack for the documentary, and more! We're still working to figure out exactly what we can offer, but we'll post more information as soon as possible.

Your backing and comments have been truly inspiring to me and the team, so on behalf of Double Fine and 2 Player Productions I want to say THANK YOU!!!

I can't wait to see where this thing can go!

Welcome to the Adventure..."

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