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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cool! Lego's social platform showcases fan creations | Article via rag

By Matt Wilson | Posted: February 13, 2012

"People love Lego. Want proof? Take a look at Brickshelf, a fan-made Lego community with more than 4 million pictures of folks' creations made from its interlocking building blocks. Or take a look at LUGnet, a site that networks many of the world's Lego User Groups (LUGs).

So a few years ago, when the Danish company considered building a social network of its own, it had to consider the abundance of fan-created communities dedicated to the multicolored, plastic bricks.

"We can't just do anything," says Peter Espersen, online community lead for Lego. "We need to be respectful, and we need to mind what the other guys are doing."

What Lego ended up with is Rebrick, a social bookmarking site where users don't upload their own photos; rather, they bookmark photos on websites such as Flickr and Brickshelf to share with a wide audience. Think of it as a clearinghouse, Espersen says.

Lego's approach has attracted attention without alienating its global online fan presence, Espersen says. That's the goal..."

Planning the project...

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