by Jon Russell, 16 Feb, 2012

Tomorrow, When the War Began, an Australian smash hit title, is to become the first film to be released on the social network at the same time that it hits cinemas in the US.

The film will be available on Facebook when it debuts in the country on February 24 after Freestyle Digital Media was confirmed as its launch partner. The company has wasted no time in taking a unique step with its distribute plan.

Admittedly, the film has been out for some while in other parts of the world, having been released in its native Australia in September 2010 and the UK last April, but the move is a significant step nonetheless. As Milyoni, the Facebook broadcasting specialist that is handling its release, explained to The Next Web, it will become “the first movie to be made available on all distribution platforms on the same day”.

Milyoni has plans to make the screening a particular social one thanks to its Social Cinema Facebook broadcasting platform and its features, which it explains allow an interactive experience.

Friends can share the movie viewing experience with friends no matter where they are. Fans can chat, share their favorite clips and access exclusive content all within Facebook...."