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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Must Read Article: YouTube revamp foreshadows Google's vision of media (Wired UK)


Excerpt from a must read article on by Mjke Isaac:

"...Importantly, the new look isn't just tailored to the consumer crowd. The launch is also an appeal to content creators, both small and large. Especially the large. Partner content providers can customize their individual channels to display media in whatever order makes sense. So for instance, HBO may choose to offer clips of Boardwalk Empire organized by season, while Comedy Central's Daily Show might opt for a feed of shows in reverse chronological order.

Appealing to the major industry players is in line with YouTube's recent activity, beefing up the site's premium, professionally produced content. Aiming to move beyond just LOLcat videos and double rainbow enthusiasts, YouTube announced in November that it would begin building out a network of content providers who -- like a network -- would produce original videos across multiple categories like comedy, sports, music and the like. Further, YouTube inked a major content deal with Disney in November, bringing co-branded original content to Google's streaming media service..."

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