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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Small Demons: A Search Tool for Fictional Storyverses - Very Very Cool


Excerpt from Description from Coolhunting - more images & text in original post:

"...The site uses both algorithms and human touch to make these links and open up what Small Demons calls a "Storyverse," or the expanse of details that support a good story. "A computer can tell us how many times a song appears in a book. But it can't tell us that it is the song that the couple dances to at the wedding reception or the song the jilted lover plays after being dumped. It can't tell you the emotional resonance of it. So we are going to be relying on librarians and authors and gifted amateurs to come in and help us fix and add and weight and evaluate all the data we are generating," says Richard Nash, the start-up's VP of Community and Content...."

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