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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TorinoFilmLab | Transmedia Project for Kids| The Tower of Fables

See Torino FilmLab's site for a full description of this transmedia project for kids:

Excerpt describing the transmedia elements!

"Animation movie

At the core of the project lies an animation movie. The story will revolve around Tim Tom’s efforts to save the Tower of Fables, Storyville and its inhabitants from the clutches of Utrek, the evil wizard.

Interactive website / App

However the project will start with the creation of a web based portal where kids are introduced to Storyville, its inhabitants and most of all to the magical Tower of Fables.
Children will be asked to create an avatar... Once this is done, children are allowed to roam freely around the whole of Story Town. They can play free games and meet many of the characters of this universe. The mythology and the back story of the place are introduced slowly. Children will be able to understand the history of the place by playing various games with many of their favourite characters... Like helping Little Red Riding Hood cross the woods etc.. However the children will always be directed towards visiting the magical tower. There they can read, listen and even write their own fairy tales.


A series of books about the history of the Tower and the inhabitants of Story Town will be released in conjunction with the site...

Live Events

Various events will be organized where a PHYSICAL TOWER is taken to various schools where children will listen to stories as actors act them out but also they will have the possibility to leave the books they have finished reading for others to make use of.

A Wii game will bring the story arc to a conclusion as children will be able to don the uniform and go on a quest to defeat the evil wizard who has returned and is keeping Little Bo Peep hostage...

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