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Monday, December 19, 2011

Interactive ebooks take on fiction novels with embedded content & Twitter feeds — Tech News on

Excerpt from a longer post:

"...Chafie Creative Group, based in Dallas, is introducing a new iPad app called Immersedition, the first in what it believes is a new form of interactive book-reading apps. The app will feature as its first book a story called The Survivors, a young adult piece of fiction from new author Amanda Havard, who designed the story to ultimately be an enhanced media experience. The 283-page book, which went on sale earlier this year in print and tells the stories of descendants from participants in the Salem Witch Trial, includes 300 touch points that reveal 500 interactive frames of content embedded in the pages of the book through watermarks.

The watermarks reveal things like historical facts, maps, photos, videos and character profiles that change depending on where in the story a user is. There’s also embedded music including three original tracks that can be turned on at key points. And there’s even live Twitter profiles from five of the main characters, who continue to tweet and add background to the story. All of the content works offline except the maps and Twitter feed...."

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