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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shakespeare is Better with Popcorn (Mozilla that is) - demo video

Shakespeare is better with popcorn

This project proposes an alternative way to learn Shakespeare interactively and comprehensively, which combines video, text, and glossaries through jQuery and popcorn.js.

You can see an example of the data structure here.

start: 15 end: 17 orig: [defn]why > Wherefore[/defn] art thou Romeo? modern: Why are you Romeo and not someone else?

The format allows for teachers to encode cue times for blocks of text using popcorn, as well as two separate translations (orig and modern) and in-line definitions (defn) for difficult terms using a simple syntax. The application grabs definitions and puts them in a sidebar.

Any location in the video can be accessed with a unique url (try clicking a term)

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