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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Need to Know Stats: MediaPost Publications Social Media "Likes" Means Give Me An Exclusive 12/21/2011

But brands are missing the boat, says the report. They see the benefits of reaching out to customers through social channels, but they aren’t yet fully invested. While 52% of marketers reported they believe their brands have enjoyed greater influence thanks to their presence in social networks like Facebook, only 17% said that social media is fully meshed, aligned, and integrated into the overall marketing mix.

55% of consumers say they engage with brands through channels like Facebook and other social networks largely to learn about new products, 65% enter unique promotions or contests, or to play games offered specifically, and often exclusively, through these channels. 25% of consumers use social specifically to connect with other fans, or to 32% to share positive experiences.

Customers also have high expectations when connecting with brands through social. They expect answers within 24 hours, with only 12% willing to wait days for resolution of support issues. Increasingly, the expectation is an immediate response: 22% of consumers want instant gratification, with an additional 19% looking for resolution within hours.

The top expectation that comes with a “like” is to be eligible for exclusive offers (67%), followed by the opportunity to interact with other customers who share a consumer’s own experiences (60%). Games and contests are also big draws; 65% of consumers want to find them when making online brand connections, and 57% expect them from brands on Facebook.

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