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Thursday, December 29, 2011

TY Greg Landgraf! Museum Game Thought Experiment, part 2: ARG Examples | Excerpt via Museum Beyond Post

REXplorer: A mobile cultural heritage game at the Rex Regensburg Explorer Museum in Regensburg, Germany. The game encourages exploration of the city: players use a Wiimote-like device to interact with the city’s monuments, solving puzzles along the way. The game’s story involves helping a professor understand and research Regensburg’s “perpetual magic.” (In reality, exploring the history of the city.) The game also automatically blogs the experience for players to revisit as a memento of the experience.

Jewel of the Valleys: A mystery puzzle from the National Civil War Museum that could be solved using Civil War communication technologies and museum documents. Sadly, the game’s not still online; the link goes to a wiki of all of the game’s clues.

An Expedition with Mr. Mirrors: A one-day game at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, a Victorian-themed game where amnesiac players met strangers in the museum and solved puzzles in hopes of regaining their memories.

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