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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Very very cool: Nimble - Augmented Reality book-based library

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"One of the places where the tension between searching and browsing is readily apparent is the library. We go to search for a book, do research, or just read and work. However, we often find ouselves getting lost among the shelves of books, spending time browsing, and hoping for a serendipitous discovery or two.

Nimble shows what a mixed touch, digital, projection, and book-based library might look like. This is relevant because people still like the tactile feel of books and other printed media and they also like to browse. The project also allows to collect and sort out notes and highlights from the books you are reading.

Rather than trying to find a book in the x^-15 decimal place with the Dewey decimal system, you can navigate spatially and orient yourself in the direction of your search using the digital search compass."

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