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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

David McCandless & Information is Beautiful Challenge - MON€Y PANIC$!

From the site:

"Welcome to our second challenge. It’s called MON€Y PANIC$!

There’s a ton of information and data flying around about the financial system, debt crises, recession fears, Wall St occupation, currency devaluation, collapse of the markets and general END OF THE WORLD PANIC!

So we’ve teamed up with the Guardian Datablog to offer a handful of datasets that may cast light, give perspective and otherwise explain – even just slightly – what the hell is going on.

The challenge, then, is to bring some, all or many aspects of this money panic to light and help us see the problem. Or see the lay of the land. Or see the issues or data clearly.

Make the crash visible, understandable.

That might mean focussing on a small detail, a single story or visualizing the whole damn financial system. Size won’t matter. We want *clarity*.

You can enter in two ways. With a finished ‘design’ or a well-conceived ‘napkin’ sketch. We also welcome interactive and motion graphic entries. Bring it!"

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