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Monday, November 7, 2011

Great Summary Post on StoryWorld Conference | Creative Flux | Grazie! SiriusPress

StoryWorld Conference

StoryWorld Conference Web Site  |  On Twitter: @StoryWorldConf  |  Or follow the hashtag #SWC11

StoryWorld Tweets

Portland-based developer and writer Jason LaPier has pulled together @Porter_Anderson‘s tweet-storm from the conference, organized by session.

Follow the hashtag #SWC11 for all conference tweets.

Want a glimpse into the StoryWorldConference experience? Check out:

  1. Finding the Story: Five Lessons from StoryWorld 2011, by Dan Levy
  3. Storyworld Wrap up from the Writer’s Perspective, Transmedia and Disney’s weenie, by Bob Mayer
  4. StoryWorld 2011 in San Francisco: Day 3 – Story Architecture – Crafting Transmedia Design, by Siobhan O’Flynn, Karine Halpern with Scott Walker
  5. Transmedia in Action, by Frank Marquardt
  6. Writing on the Ether: Conference Gemütlichkeit by Porter Anderson
  7. Storify stream, by @endurablegoods
  8. StoryWorld 2011 in San Francisco: Day 1, by Christine Weitbrecht
  9. StoryWorld 2011 in San Francisco: Day 2, by Christine Weitbrecht
  10. StoryWorld 2011 in San Francisco: Day 3, by Christine Weitbrecht
  11. #SWC11-Story World Conference, Games-Pitching-Storyworld-Tech-Money, by Hervé Cailloux @RvCailloux

Want to share your StoryWorldConference experience, but have no place to post? You are welcome to:

  1. Submit photos or short videos (or send me a link to your posted files)
  2. Your real name
  3. Your Twitter handle
  4. A title or short description

Email the information to:
info (at) siriuspress (dot) com I will attempt to post them as timely as possible. Or leave a comment below.

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