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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Profile of Thorin Caristo- From Occupy Wall Street Protester to Live Documentarian | on PBS Blog POV


Excellent list of links and videos for watching Occupy Wall Street:

occupywallstnyc's Livestream page, including video by Thorin Caristo

globalrevolution's Livestream page

Right Here All Over by Alex Mallis and Lily Henderson (via Vimeo): The most-watched protest video to date on Vimeo.

End the War, Tax the Rich, We're the 99%, Occupy Wall Street by Jonathan Demme (via Vimeo): The director of Silence of the Lambs and the doc Stop Making Sense captures the sights and sounds around Zuccotti Park.

Deepak Chopra meditation at Occupy Wall St. Grounded... by occupywallstnyc and Ground.TV (via Livestream): Documents the celebrity spiritualist as he shows protesters how to meditate.

Occupy Wall Street Sept 17: Protester speaks out (via YouTube): From the first day of the protest.

Occupy Everything by Kristopher Rae (via Vimeo): Documents the Oct. 1, 2011, Brooklyn Bridge march, where more than 700 protesters are arrested.

#OccupyWallSt - Law Student & Journalist Arrested for Civil Disobedience 9/24/11 (via YouTube)

Where Do We Go From Here? Occupy Wall St. (via Vimeo): Ed David talks to protesters on its one-month anniversary.

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