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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Very Cool Idea: BlindSide: Audio Only Adventure Video Game by Aaron & Mike — Kickstarter


We’re creating a video game with no graphics, played entirely using audio. It is an audio adventure, set in a fully 3D world that you’ll never see.

It's called BlindSide, and it’s one of the first games to bring a brand new gaming experience to sighted players, that can also be fully enjoyed by visually impaired gamers. So far we’ve completed 10 minutes of gameplay to prove out the technology, and demonstrate that our core mechanic is fun. There have been a handful of audio-only games, but nothing like this before.

We hope to raise money on Kickstarter to complete the first 45 minute episode (which could end up providing even more gameplay, depending on your skill level) and need to pay professional actors, buy sound effects, buy software distribution licenses, support coding time, eat ramen etc. If we raise our target, we plan to launch the PC and Mac versions of the game at the end of January 2012. We’ve done the hard part, now we need to do the expensive part.

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