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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Transmedia views: An interview with Nuno Bernardo | i-docs


Excerpt from an interview Nuno Benardo by Nina Simoes:

"Nuno Bernardo is an award-winning transmedia writer/producer and creator of the world’s first international interactive on-line teen series, Sofia’s Diary. He is also the CEO of transmedia production company beActive and author of The Producer’s Guide to Transmedia.

Your background is in advertising and journalism. What element or factor would you say it was decisive to setting up your company to develop transmedia projects?

My career until I set up beActive, was a very “transmedia” career. Advertising, event management, audiovisual production, IT, so I was able to learn how to do several tasks that are key when you develop and produce Transmedia projects. I always loved storytelling and computers (new technologies). Transmedia allows me to do both.

The 350 South – an American journey is described as the first Beactive’s transmedia documentary. In fact, a fully participatory documentary experience. Will the audience participation change the story?

The goal of the interactive or participatory element of 350 South is not to create an experience where the audience can decide between door A or door B. Or, in this case, a different routes for the participants. It’s more to allow the audience to be part of this journey: cycle with the participants along their journey, help them, giving them accommodation or just meet them for a drink. The goal is to make the audience part of the story, part of the show...."

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