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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Social video: Where we're at and where we're going - The Next Web

The difference between ‘social’ and ‘viral’ video

So is there an inherent difference between ‘social’ and ‘viral’ video? “The biggest difference is between video that appears online as an advertising message, viral, and social video which is a bit more engaging, a bit more funny and something that we talk about”, says Wright. “And that’s a big challenge when you talk to clients about it – creating something that makes the audience get up and do something, rather than just sitting back and consuming the video.”

Ellis had a stab at differentiating the two concepts. “They’re a different statement of intent”, he says. “With viral videos, it’s a case of just getting a video to ‘go crazy’ and be passed on from person to person. With social video, it’s more a case of creating something more shareable, something you can play with and interact with.”

“My feeling is that social video is an attempt to bring people back to a compelling advertising model that works for brands”, added Cowan. “Are we trying to recapture some lost magic that disappeared with the advent of the Internet?”

I think there's more to this distinction .. thoughts?

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