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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Transmedia MMO links to SyFy Series: Defiance Set to Bridge a Difficult Gap | by Emma Beddows


Defiance is marketed as the first multi-platform shooter MMO: a third-person video game which interconnects with a global television program on Syfy. It promises to deliver a “ground breaking entertainment experience” which allows users to influence the narrative through game play. The game and television series interconnect in a more sophisticated manner than previous attempts at coordinating such relationships have achieved. In the past, games have played exploratory roles in transmedia arcs, allowing players to explore the storyworld and landscape. Occasionally, game-play is structured around a predefined goal; the consequences of which will be realised in another form (for example, in Enter The Matrix, a gaming component of The Matrix franchise, users were allowed to “play-out” a plot point/mission which was later referred to in one of the movies). One of the barriers to greater connectivity between games and other platforms is production scheduling. Most of the time games-as-transmedia are built around narratives which are already complete in some other form. For example, whilst most ARGs allow users to participate with the text and its associated storyworld components (e.g. 2007s The Dark Knight ARG/campaign) users are powerless to affect change in the films narrative...."

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