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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Super Cool! Tali Krakowsky's Apologue & HBO/Cinemax Launches SuperWall Interactive Installation in NY | AUGMO

Original post by Todd Denis on

"Congrats to Interaction Designer Tali Krakowsky whose production company Apologue (via creative agency BLT & Associates) just launched a tremendous installation project in New York City for the new HBO/Cinemax original series Strike Back.

Housed at 225 West 34th Street, the scopic wallscape (or SuperWall) runs 24-hours a day and features gritty key art and interactive content across eighteen 46” screens. Armed with a set of cameras, the SuperWall captures movement and reacts to pedestrians as they walk by. Split among four interactive stations, it allows users to interact and engage with the wallʼs digital mainframe to learn more about the show."

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titi said...

That is a super cool wall! I wonder if it is still up. Cinemax is doing a great job