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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ridley Scott Directing New "Blade Runner" Film, So Here's Who He Should Hire *UPDATED - Forbes

Sound speculations on the future extension of Blade Runner!


"...The original Philip K. Dick novel was titled Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and was quite different from Scott’s film. But in developing the franchise anew, and limited from actually remaking or rebooting the original film (and, presumably, the novel from which that film was derived), Alcon still has at their disposal the sequel novels written by author K.W. Jeter. Jeter (a well-known and great sci-fi author, and the man who coined the term “steampunk”) wrote three sequel books for the Blade Runner series: The Edge of Human, Replicant Night, and Eye and Talon.

Alcon could choose to attempt films inspired by or directly adapted from those sequel novels, or might choose to develop entirely original film concepts for either a prequel or sequel film.  The immediately obvious problem with a prequel is, quite simply, that after making a prequel… what next? They cannot remake Blade Runner, so the second film from Alcon would then leapfrog over a previous film into sequel territory, it seems. Unless a string of prequels are made, foregoing any sequels entirely. But that would be problematic in many ways, and almost surely force abandoning any lead-up to the original film.

Ridley Scott, Juno Temple and Jordan Scott at the premiere of '"Cracks," 2009. (Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

Which seems to strongly suggest a sequel makes the most sense, particularly with three books from which to gain inspiration. So I think that sequels are more likely, although obviously we can’t know for certain just yet.  In the end, Ridley Scott will do what he thinks is best, and I’m sure he’ll be right!.."

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