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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Los Angeles Metro Buses Now Running Web Series, "Los Americans" on over 4,000 Screens. Excerpt via

The drama will be shown in segments on more than 4,000 screens on over 2,000 buses in Los Angeles. It is a departure from the daily news, talk, variety, and weather tidbits that Transit TV has been providing. The show is being broadcast in part to reach people who might have the same problems, and each episode directs people towards resources that might help them.

Before you start saying, “This sounds like after-school special nonsense,” it should be noted that the show is well-done, with very accomplished actors, and doesn’t play out in a heavy-handed way. Take a look at this episode, entitled “Going To mexico,” to see what I mean:

This is the sort of series that is scarce to nonexistent on TV, minorities fill every major role, and dramas tend not to focus on family much anymore, crime procedurals being king these days.

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