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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Very Cool App: Gif Shop Is YouTube For Everyday Animators | Fast Company



"Gif Shop, a new app for the iPhone that allows users to easily create, send, and share .gifs, saw 30,000 downloads in its first month (July-August 2011) with 91% on the iPhone 4, 9% on 3GS, iPad, and iPod. It also attracted some intriguing users. Mike Rosenstein, a producer who works with Ben Stiller, has been using it to make an archive of .gifs featuring well-liked actors and actresses, for example.
The cofounder and newly minted app entrepreneur, Daniel Savage, spoke with this week about what makes these quirky, often instructional, sometimes beautiful animations so enduring, and why his startup may be the new Instagram. Savage is responsible for the Gif Shop concept, brand, and marketing; technical designer Matthew Archer, a creative technologist based in Chicago with previous experience in productivity apps, leads development..."

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