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Monday, August 15, 2011

Great Post! TY! The Arrglington Jump - Quick and Dirty: Lessons on LARPs and What I learned at Wyrcon this year


Excerpt from a great post by April Arrglington:

"On Game Mechanics:

It is fascinating to learn how LARPing design teaches you about manipulative storytelling, and how to sustain alternative reality on the fly. It not only helps you develop an ongoing character, but it prompts you how to build great flow in your play design. How to respond to unpredictability is an invaluable lesson to game designers of all kinds.

Furthermore, Rob McDiarmid goes onto analyze in Branches of Play the importance of player motives in LARP design that can help reduce unpredictability. I find that it’s very helpful to have this insight, especially when looking into things like monetizing, advertising, and promotions from different audience perspectives. Bellow is the illuminating Player Motives quick list:

1. As Audience: To experience a satisfying narrative.
2. Catharsis: To experience emotions through the character.
3. Comprehension: To figure things out. Solve problems and puzzles.
4. Competition: To win at something, or at least enjoy the act of competing.
5. Crafting: To create non ephemeral things (costumes, props, documents, etc.).
6. Education: To take away new knowledge or understanding as a player.
7. Embodiment: To make decisions based on character.
8. Exercise: To enjoy physical activity and movement.
9. Exploration: To experience the fictional setting.
10. Exhibition: To show off (costumes, props, acting chops, mad skillz, etc.) and get kudos.
11. Fellowship: To enjoy time with friends (also includes flirting and such).
12. Flow: To enjoy losing oneself in the moment.
13. Leadership: To be important to the player community.
14. Protagonist: To be important to the story and impact the game world.
15. Spectacle: To experience the awesome stuff (pretty costumes, elaborate sets, funny NPCs, etc.)
16. Versatility: To collect important things (spells, lore, favors, etc.) and have the right thing at the right time..."

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