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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Words from Susan Bonds, Jeff Gomez, Lance Weiler.... on Why Transmedia is Catching On (Part 2) via

Great Post from Nick DeMartino:


Brian Clark: The Innovation is Other People

"The real innovation of the Internet is other people, not just data," GMD Studio’s Brian Clark told me, which is what inspired him to co-found in 1996 and to produce films like Nothing So Strange, which imagined the assassination of Bill Gates. Since then, he has been busy crossbreeding indie filmmaking, the web, brand marketing and creative services. He likes to think of the web as a production tool, and the outcome as alternate reality games (ARGs).

"With ARGs," says Clark, "you’re writing a work that doesn’t really exist until it’s populated by the audience. The audience’s interaction with it is what creates the moment. You’re hanging cameras around and putting microphones on things and to capture a moment that you’ve created. That is a production technique, and it’s what the web is really good at."

Clark calls himself an "experience designer," placing the focus upon audience participation. GMD typically works with a team of collaborators, both individuals and companies like Mike Monello’s Campfire. Monello’s work ranges from Blair Witch Project through this season’s HBO hit Game of Thrones.

GMD’s techniques caught the attention of ad agencies and brands, and "they seem to want to buy," says Clark, whose work include projects for Sega, Scholastic and Audi. 2005’s Art of the Heist employed a wide range of digital and real-world elements that involved half a million consumers in a faux theft of Audi’s then-new A3 car.

Not surprisingly, Clark, who is working on a major 9/11 project, believes that the art form is ready to soar. "Never have I seen more money available for this kind of work. For all the failures we’re talking about with Hollywood and advertising, the taste is there now."

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