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Monday, August 15, 2011

Nice Post & iDoc list: The story comes first- Caspar Sonnen of IDFA | Openblog by frederic @ Memefest


Excerpt from original post:

CS « Our role is to provide a place for creative interpretations of reality, to motivate the people behind the projects, » he insists. « During DocLab, we're trying to go beyond the online experience. We're creating an installation setting to allow for director navigations or other collective viewing events ».

And to cap things off, Caspar had a little advice for those of you tempted by interactive documentary: « In the 1920s, it's not the theater people who invented film. It's no different today. We're in the digital revolution, so don't worry too much about filmmaker's being defensive and not wanting to recognize interactive documentary ».

Click on the following links if you're ready for the digital revolution...

18 Days in Egypt :
ARTE webdocs :
From Zero :
GDP Project :
High Rise :
IDFA DocLab :
NFB interactive : :
The Wilderness Downtown :
Sould Patron :
Welcome to Pine Point :
Ze Frank :


South By Southwest:
Sheffied Doc/Fest:

Frédéric Dubois is a reporter, interactive documentary maker and Memefest comrade.

Photo: By Bert Kommerij under CC licence, available here:

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