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Monday, August 15, 2011

Double The Glow: Will Second Screen Apps Change the Way We Watch TV? - Excerpt - GOOD


"Part of the assumption in this month’s GOOD challenge to unplug at 8 is that we’re robbing ourselves of valuable human contact when we’re online. But if plugging in lets us add social experiences to otherwise-solo pursuits, it might change the equation.

That’s the idea behind a wave of apps that are designed to take your solo media consumption—whether television shows, movies, books or music—and let you tell your friends all about it. And if you’re catching a TV show at home on a weeknight, why not use the Internet to rope in some geographically dispersed pals?

Services including GetGlue, SocialGuide, Miso, and Tunerfish, among several others, allow people to use their computers, tablets and phones to check-in, foursquare style, to their entertainment of choice, then rate it...."

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