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Monday, August 15, 2011

Stefan Sagmeister On Co-Directing His First Documentary, "The Happy Film" | Excerpt via Co. Design

Excerpt from online interview

"The eminent designer tells Co.Design how making a movie about happiness may end up reducing his. (It'll still be worth it.)

Is personal happiness a design problem? If design is "trying out creative iterations toward a specific goal," it just might be. Stefan Sagmeister has turned his designer-y eye on personal existential issues before, with his Things I Have Learned In My Life book/website, and has given a TED talk on design and happiness -- so his latest project, a documentary he's codirecting with Hillman Curtis called The Happy Film, seems like a logical next step.

The Happy Film will follow Sagmeister as he "undergoes a series of self-experiments outlined by popular psychology to test once and for all if it’s possible for a person to have a meaningful impact on their own happiness." He spoke to Co.Design about the project and where it's taken him so far, happiness-wise..."

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