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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Really Interesting Read: How Social Network Analysis Solves Real World Problems | excerpt via Digital Tonto

How Do You Integrate a Marketing Campaign?

“I know that I waste half of my marketing money, I just don’t know which half,” is an oft-repeated quote attributed to many different people.  Like most popular aphorisms, it’s witty while retaining an essence of truth.

Over the years, we’ve gotten pretty good at measuring individual mediums, such as TV, but effective marketing mix models have eluded us.  However, it should be clear by now that we’ve been looking in the wrong places.

How pacemaker cells in our heart sync isn’t much different than consumers boycotting Nike or a line going around the block for a surprise hit movie.  Learning how contagion spreads on a college campus is essentially the same as how brand sentiment moves through the marketplace.

In other words, specific placements aren’t nearly as important how marketing messages travel through networks of ordinary people.  Moreover, as network theorist Duncan Watts points out in his new book, Everything is Obvious, mobile and social media are giving us a whole new tool that set will revolutionize how we understand and practice marketing.

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