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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cool transcript: Coppola mixes Twixt live on iPad during Comic-Con - Live-Blog (Day 3): via Movieline

12:13 Coppola is sad that all entertainment is canned and pre-digested. “All we have that is vaguely alive are the concerts you go to, some theater and sports. […] “There is a yearning for the live to be put back in cinema.”

12:14 Coppola is talking about how he wants to go on tour with Twixt to make his “Halloween movie” live “and perform each film [for each theater with his sound guys], a different performance for each of them.”

12:16 Coppola produces his iPad and shows how he could custom edit his movie for each theater. “I can control it all with the touch of this button — now where the hell is it?” This sounds really cool. “I could perform it on the fly.” He said he will try it for the Comic-Con audience but it will be a dress rehearsal. “Theoretically, I could push a shuffle button and show you 20 versions of what I just showed you.”

12:18 Coppola gets Hall H cameras to zoom in on his iPad screen. He says that he will perform scene 30 live for the audience.

12:20 The live performance is in gear. Different shots are shown with different music. Coppola sings along. He cuts the clip short and tries to come up with a different version. He asks Kilmer to entertain the audience.

12:21 Kilmer: “Uh, it was really fun to work with a genius. […] I want to go on tour with them. Just hang out.”

12:22 Val Kilmer sunglasses update: They’re still on even as Hall H goes dark to screen another clip.

12:23 Coppola asks to restart the clip. A tech guy jokes, “30 nights of this!”

12:24 Coppola throws to a new sequence variation. This time, he provides the narration live and makes it up on the fly. Very cool. It’s like he is DJ-ing his own movie. Cut to the scene of Kilmer at the book signing again. We see difference shots than we saw before. KIlmer throws a pen at the wall in frustration. Kilmer’s character is alone at his computer, trying to write his story. He reads aloud different lines than we heard in the original clip. This time instead of doing a gay basketball player impression, he does impressions of a steamboat captain and a cowboy. He is pouring himself scotch. Dan Deacon is composing new music spontaneously.

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