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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monty Python's Terry Jones crowdsources funding for book (excerpt from Wired UK)

"Traditional publishing is in the doldrums, it's collapsing. Publishers are looking around for new ways of going forward. I think Unbound could be the future," says author and Monty Python member Terry Jones -- the first author to gain funds for a book through a new crowdsourcing platform.

Described as acrowd-funded Kickstarter-like project for books, Unbound launched in May. Since then, six novels have been put up on the website -- each accompanied by a video curated by the author explaining more about their tome and why the public should invest in its creation.

Jones' book, Evil Machines, is the first to reach the target set by the Unbound team and is set for publication in November. Fans who have pledged money will get anything from their name in the back of the book; a signed first edition; an invite to the book launch or even lunch with the author.

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