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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Very Useful Post: Georgy Cohen on Social Media Guides for Content Creation | Meet Content


Read Georgy Cohen's full post for some excellent tips & links to pdfs & guides. Here's a short excerpt:

"This 14-page best practice guide for “Marketing on Facebook” [PDF] provides a high-level overview to the value of marketing via Facebook, complete with mini case studies and five-step strategies for implementing core marketing objectives. The last page of the guide is a master directory of resources about all things Facebook.
Tucked within their vast repository of developer resources is a section exploring one of Facebook’s core concepts, social design, which they define as “a way of thinking about product design that puts social experiences at the core.” Through three in-depth sections—utilizing community, building conversations and curating identity—you can learn how to leverage the Facebook platform (whether through creating an app or integrating Facebook functionality onto your website) to make your content more social...."

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