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Thursday, January 19, 2012

College students raise awareness about wetlands restoration with Facebook game | VentureBeat



"Undergraduate students at the University of Washington Bothell’s Center for Serious Play created and released today a Wetlands restoration video game for Facebook entitled UWB Wetlands Restoration.

UWB Wetlands Restoration’s Jordan Weisman, interim director at the CSP and a veteran game developer, helped design and create the game with the focus of helping players to understand how important it is maintain and help restore the Wetlands ecosystem. Not only does the project educate students about an environmental issue, it also trains them how to make games. As such, it’s not a bad way to create the next generation of game developers.

Weisman had this to say about choosing the Wetlands as the basis for the game, “We were looking for a subject that captured some of the unique aspects of the UW Bothell campus, had a strong educational aspect to the play pattern, and a well understood game dynamic that the students could adapt to the subject matter.”

The game was created from concept to “ship” by undergraduate students from the university. It will be playable for free on Facebook, and allows players to build their Wetlands from the beginning of their existence to full fledged Wetlands churning with all kinds of plants, animals and even threats to the player’s beloved ecosystem..."

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