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Monday, January 16, 2012

Useful Post from Martin Percy: Internet Native Film – An Annotated List -

Perrier by Dita
Youtube preview: 
Director: Anders Hallberg - Production Company Creative Director:Ben Tricklebank - Production Company: B-Reel
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris – Executive Creative Directors: Chris Garbutt/Fabio Costa - Creative Team: Baptiste Cliner/Nicolas Lautir 


Useful post form Martin Percy & I like his categories - workable:

[Martin] "Hello, this is a list of a few great Internet Native Films in the following categories:

1) Interactive film:
You interact with it DURING the experience
2) Personalised film:
You personalise it BEFORE the experience
3) Enhanced film:
Traditional linear films, but with enhancements

Wondering what an Internet Native Film is?
Please click here to read The Internet Native Filmmaker's Manifesto.

Something great left out? (Of course!) Credits wrong? Comments?
Please comment below or email me at martin[at]martinpercy[dot]com

For the less committed visitor, I've tried to find Youtube previews for all of these sites. Some of them suck. None of the previews are anywhere near as good as the real thing...."

See the full post for specific examples - some I don't know - thanks Martin!

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