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Monday, January 23, 2012

Cars connect with apps, the cloud at CES (Wired UK)


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By Chuck Squatriglia, WiredUK 17 January 12

"Car makers are racing the put the mobile in automobile as they connect our vehicles to the cloud and increasingly blur the line between cars and consumer electronics.

These systems let you do everything from update your Facebook status to make flight reservations to access voice-activated navigation. The goal of all this tech is to make sure we're connected, even after buckling up.

The pace of development has been blinding and is perhaps best measured by the role automakers have played at CES. When Ford's pioneering Sync system was unveiled here five years ago, it was widely considered a novelty and the show was an afterthought for automakers. This year, six of the 10 major automakers are at the show, with booths just as elaborate as you'd see at the Detroit or Frankfurt motor shows.

Their presence underscores the importance connectivity plays in the car business, and the role it has in the industry's future.

"Connectivity has gone from being a unique feature that makes some brands stand out for having it to being a must-have feature that make some brands stand out for not having it," said Aaron Bragman, an US car industry analyst with IHS Automotive. "Sync has turned out to be one of the major selling points of Ford vehicles. Other car makers want a piece of that action."..."

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