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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Transmedia set to get more credit - Entertainment News, Consumer Electronics Show, Media - Variety


Excerpt from Dave McNary's original post in|News|FilmNews

"...Since the PGA started recognizing the role in April 2010, the first credits have already started to appear, with George Stayton getting a transmedia producer title on Paramount and Hasbro's "Transformers" franchise. The credit's also appeared on THQ's "Red Faction" videogame.

But 2012 should prove a watershed year, according to veteran transmedia producer Jeff Gomez, who's been championing the concept for more than a decade. The Canadian Media Fund will add the credit to its projects. And "there will be (another) major studio getting on board very soon," Gomez said.

Although the PGA doesn't have collective bargaining agreements, Gomez hopes transmedia work will eventually become part of the master contracts handled by the Directors Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild, with those groups already starting discussions to consider the credit, which would net their members more money for their multiplatform work.

Expanding jurisdiction is tricky turf for the guilds -- SAG was unable to persuade the companies to include language addressing performance-capture by actors in the last negotiation -- but it's a potentially huge area for Hollywood's creatives.

Christopher Pfaff, a transmedia consultant who's vice chairman of the PGA's New Media Council, believes the PGA's support of the credit has already had a profound impact. "It took us about two years to get the credit enacted but doing that woke a lot of people up," he added.

Pfaff, noting that the guild counts over 600 members on the new media council, believes that the turning point in recognizing transmedia has been the cratering of the DVD market...."

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