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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Exploring the Future Normal at New Frontier 2012 | Sundance Film Festival

The new future/new frontier of tech & entertainment - very cool projects detailed - love it:


"When Sundance introduced the first New Frontier program at the Festival in 2007, in a cramped basement space on Main Street in Park City, it felt like a heady first glimpse into a future in which cinema was migrating beyond the theatre—even beyond movies. Just six years later, we’re living in that future. This year’s survey of multimedia, multi-platform projects, experiments, performances, and installations still leans forward and anticipates new developments in cinematic culture, but it’s also about how we live now. We carry movies around on our phones and in our pockets, we remix visual culture on our laptops, and our virtual relationships are as relevant to us as our physical ones. The future, in many respects, has arrived; the question remains, what are we going to do with it.

Aptly entitling this year’s program “The Future Normal,” Senior Programmer and New Frontier Curator Shari Frilot identified the efforts of artists to redefine and reimagine how emerging technologies and industry trends could be employed in our lives. It’s a simple but crucial matter of direction: Do we aspire to get beyond ourselves, or work to know ourselves better? “Consumer culture positions technology to expand and transcend human limitations,” Frilot says. “But the works here have another vision, where media technology integration really sustains our humanity, fortifies the cornerstones of what makes us human—our social nature and creativity.” ...'

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